Jen Jenter is Hot

    Jen Selter, a fitness model from America and an 'Instagram' celebrity is Jen Selter. She is perhaps best known for creating the term "belfie", which is a shortened form of "selfie," and for taking a selfie of her buttocks. Jen began her journey to fitness while in high school. She was often complimented on her body and began sharing her photos via social media. Before starting to focus on her fitness, she worked at a local gym and in a clinic for plastic surgery. A large part of her obsession for fitness is due to the fact she had been bullied previously for her looks. In March 2012 she started her Instagram account. It slowly gained popularity. She has 12 million Instagram followers. Jen has appeared in numerous publications and magazines over the years. Her "best bitt" is her reputation. Jen also runs paid exercise programs, which have been her main source for income over the years.

    Jen Selter, a New Yorker, was born August 8, 1993. Jill Weinstein, a single mother raised her in a Jewish household. She was the youngest of two children in the family. She grew up with Stephanie, an older sister.

    Jen was born in Long Island. It was hard growing up. Jen was already struggling growing up without her father. Due to her appearance, she was often bullied. She would return to school often with tears in her eyes.

    She believed her face wasn't appealing enough, contrary to what her classmates said. In an effort to protect herself from being bullied, she wore crop tops as well as padded bras in order to distract people from her "not-so attractive" face.

    She thought that she had a big, round nose. So, at age 15, she forced her mother into allowing her to have rhinoplasty surgery. According to her this tiny surgery was a life-changing event. She wanted to enhance her physical beauty. She began exercising and eating healthy, eventually becoming an accomplished fitness model.

    After her high school graduation, she went on to study cosmetology. She also worked in a clinic for plastic surgeons. Many people claim that she had plastic surgery on her buttocks. However, she always denied these claims.

    Jen has had a passion for social media since childhood. Jen was a regular user on 'Facebook', 'Instagram', and 'Youtube'. Her 'Instagram" account was created in March 2012 to display her toned physique.

    At first, she was not very interested in the platform. Soon, however, she started posting pictures sideways, showing off her thighs. Soon her fans coined the term “belfie” after they saw the popular millennial term "selfie."

    Before she began to explore the world of social networking, she had some knowledge about algorithms. She studied a lot about the history of Instagram and how celebrities got to be so popular. She also came up with her own ways to do it.

    Her fitness progress and motivational posts became her final straw. She rose to fame in 2014. Her hard-working workout routine was a big hit and gained her huge following.

    Instagram was overwhelming her success and she created several more accounts. She maintains two separate accounts that highlight different aspects in her life. One of her Instagram accounts only posts pictures of herself with a couple of friends, while another account features pictures of her dog. Another account displays the planned launch of a fitness clothing line.

    Her social-media profiles are hugely successful. She also launched brand promotions for fitness brands, mainly because of the high traffic to her social media accounts.

    Jen has also been signed up for Fitplan's monthly or yearly contract. This allows her to communicate with Jen and share information about her health and fitness plans. It has enjoyed a large female fan base.

    She also serves the role of creative director at 'ION Collection.' This is an athletic jewellery company. She is also the global spokesperson and ambassador for 'Peeks.' A video-sharing platform.

    She is planning to launch her line of workout apparel soon. She claimed that her clothing line has already been well-known because of her social-media branding and that the company would generate $5 million each year.


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